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Thursday, February 11, 2016

This Volkswagen Bus and Camper Combo are Vintage VW Royalty


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When it comes to collecting vintage Volkswagen Buses, it’s all about the windows; the more light that comes in, the more money it accompanies. In that regard, this vibrant 1963 Volkswagen Bus is one of the best, a coveted 23-window Type 2, but interestingly it’s not the rarest species pictured.
The trailer that accompanies it is, said to be a microbus-specific 1967 Eriba Puck camper, and one of only five surviving models in the world. Both the vintage 23-window Bus and its accompanying trailer will mount the auction block at the upcoming RM Auctions Amelia Island event in March, where the pair will sell at no reserve.


Built in Wolfsburg, Germany in March of 1963, the VW Bus’s story begins with a trip across the Atlantic to its first owner in San Francisco, where after a few years it was purchased by a private girls’ school in Kansas City, Missouri. After some years it then made its way back to the Bay Area and into the collection of a steadfast microbus enthusiast, this time accompanying the rare Eriba Puck camper.
Both were given a very thorough restoration in the 1990s, and since then the pair have only seen light use and the custody of two other owners, one of which re-restored the duo a second time. Despite their five decades of age, both appear to be about as clean as the day they were new.


Adding further rarity to the equation, 1963 was the last year that the 23-window Bus came to American shores, and this one packs even more coveted options, such as its $800 “Safari” split windows, which open from the bottom, and its “walk through” front seats, which came in place of a bench.

The boot of the Bus comes fitted with a matching set of luggage as well as a vintage Dr. Pepper cooler, a perfect compliment to the Eriba Puck camper’s sink, dining table, twin beds, and two-burner stove. Power comes courtesy of a rebuilt 50 horsepower 1585cc single-port engine, which is prompted by a four-speed manual gearbox.

While millions and millions of Type 2 Volkswagen Buses have been built over the years, the rarest of the bunch still garner sky high prices. Expect this lovely two-tone turquoise-and-blue-white Bus to be no different.

Photo Credit: Nathan Leach-Proffer/RM Auctions