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Monday, April 4, 2016

Elon Musk Reveals Even More Tesla Model 3 Info


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When the all-new Tesla Model 3 sedan was revealed to the public for the first time last week, the presentation left a number of questions yet unanswered. Less than one week later, and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has begun to fill in the blanks, on Twitter.
On Sunday evening, Musk tweeted, “Model 3 will be [rear-wheel drive], with dual motor [all-wheel drive] optional,” just one of his responses to a tidal wave of questions following the big reveal.

The information drip feed didn’t end there either. Musk tweeted and fielded questions all weekend, revealing a few more interesting Model 3 tidbits.

The tweets include the price difference between selecting rear- and optional all-wheel drive, which Musk confirmed to be a jump of “less” than $5,000. He also noted that there was “some tweaking underway” to adjust the Model 3’s controversial front fascia, confirmed that the sedan will feature an optional tow hitch, and that the steering wheel will change radically.
“Wait until you see the real steering controls and system for the 3. It feels like a spaceship,” Musk tweeted Sunday.

During the Model 3’s live reveal event, Musk previously confirmed the sedan will net at least 215 miles per charge, go zero to 60 mph in under six seconds, and come standard with Autopilot features.


All in all, it’s been a busy few days for Tesla Motors, and apparently some rather uncharted territory too. When asked on Twitter how many orders he initially expected, Musk responded, “Maybe 1/4 to 1/2 of what happened. No one at Tesla thought it would be this high before part 2 of the unveil.”

On Friday, Musk revealed the company had received 180,000 Model 3 orders in the first 24 hours. Just over a day later, Musk confirmed the company had received a monumental 276,000 orders by the end of Saturday, writing previously, “definitely going to need to rethink production planning.”

With Musk estimating that a mildly equipped Tesla Model 3 will retail for $42,000 on average, that signaled $7.5 billion worth of Model 3 sedans accounted for within a day; charted through Saturday and that number grows to $11.5 billion.

The electric vehicle mogul did take some time to thank fans for the continued support, giving a nod to customers who have previously purchased Roadster, Model S, and Model X vehicles. Another mention went out to those who waited in line for hours to reserve the new car.

“Token of appreciation for those who lined up coming via mail,” tweeted Musk. “Thought maybe 20-30 people per store would line up, not 800. Gifts on order.”

An additional “part 2” Tesla Model 3 unveiling will likely showcase the finished car closer to its late-2017 delivery schedule.

 Until then, keep it trained to Twitter, it would appear.