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Friday, April 1, 2016

Ferrari to Begin Using Hellcat Engines in 2017


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When Dodge introduced the 707-horsepower, tire-melting, earth-shaking engine that was the Hellcat, its intended purpose was for quarter miles and big bodied muscle cars. But apparently FCA (Fiat-Chrysler) execs have other plans for the masterfully crafted engine. Would you guess in a Ferrari?
That’s right, a Hellcat-powered Ferrari. This sketch here shows the upcoming 488 Speciale, with plans for a 707-horsepower (or more) American engine under the hood. Said Hellcat-powered 488 will make its debut later in the year.

The report comes from within Dodge. An unnamed insider, whom we met with in an empty parking garage outside of Auburn Hills, claims that the only way Ferrari could separate from FCA would be to use Hellcat engines on all future vehicles. That’s right, all of them.


“Marchionne was adamant on the use of the Hellcat engine in all future Ferraris,” the insider told us. “Ferrari execs initially laughed the idea off, but eventually came around when Marchionne offered to buy them all gelato.

Though we’re unsure which flavor gelato Ferrari execs were served, we do know for sure that the next-generation of Italian sports cars will have an American heart under the hood. Crazy.

Oh, and if you haven’t already figured out…April Fools.