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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Out-of-This-World Roborace Concept Car Previews Racing’s Future


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If you thought Formula E was the future of racing—think again. The newly-introduced Roborace is an autonomous electric racing series that will run alongside Formula E with cars that don’t require drivers. That’s right, no drivers. It’s a crazy concept and now it has a crazy concept car to match.
Tron: Legacy lightcycle designer Daniel Simon was hired by the race organizers to come up with a design for these cars, and it’s something worthy of the big screen. It looks completely unrealistic and unlike anything anyone is putting on the road. Concept cars are always a little out there, but this isn’t even close to anything you’ll find in production.


But Simon says that’s the purpose. He designed the car with the idea that it won’t be constrained by the problem of having a human who needs to be properly protected. Instead, he focused purely on making a car that balances beauty and aerodynamics.
The large flat surfaces also leave plenty of room for sponsor logos, something that would help take the car from a concept design to a working vehicle. The race is set to debut late this year or early next, so in less than 12 months, this slice of the future could be a reality.