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Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Biomega OKO is Part e-Bike, Part Fashion Statement


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Form follows function. Such is the model that has given the world great engineering masterpieces yet also left many short of being perfect, or of course, far from it. Instead, sometimes function needs to take a back seat to form (or at least, sit shotgun), otherwise beautiful shapes like this wouldn’t exist. 
This is the OKO, an e-bike crafted by Danish bike brand Biomega and penned by design firm KiBiSi. It’s built for urban commuting, and as can be seen, it looks nothing like most ordinary e-bikes. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to tell it’s a “pedelec” at all.

Late last year, Biomega revealed its shapely OKO electric bike, and now the company is taking pre-orders ahead of scheduled May 2016 deliveries. Like it? The company says the two-wheeler starts at $2,295


Function aside, the frame of the Biomega OKO is a rather neat design. Biomega has built the diamond frame out of lightweight carbon fiber and in the process integrated its front and rear fenders into one solid unit. Available in either white or silver, the decision creates a seamless look that’s up to snuff with modern minimalist tastes
You won’t find any bulky electric motors affixed to the OKO’s rear hub. Instead, its electric drive has been discretely integrated into its 350 watt front hub. Its 36 volt battery pack is only slightly more visible, housed inside the OKO’s top tube. At 40 pounds, it isn’t the lightest bike in the world, but there are certainly plenty of much heavier electric bikes out there. Biomega estimates pedal-assist range of between 25 and 40 miles, and notes assistance up to a top speed of 20 mph.