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Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 Volkswagen Polo R WRC Looks Like a Winner Already


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vw polo r wrc photo

VW knows a thing or two about winning the World Rally Championship … and so do guys named Sebastien. The partnership of Sebastien Ogier and Volkswagen has resulted in the WRC title for the past two seasons, and obviously a very competitive car.
This is the latest version to hit the dirt and gravel – the 2015 VW Polo R WRC. Quite the looker, isn’t it? The new addition boasts a flashy design, plenty of Red Bull go-fast decals, and we’re told many actual go-faster bits underneath.

2015 vw polo r wrc rearview photo

The stuff that stays? The 2015 Polo WRC still packs its 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, now tuned to output 318 horsepower (a smidgeon over last year’s gravel basher), and puts its power to the ground through an all-wheel-drive system while riding atop MacPherson struts.

This year, Volkswagen has outfitted the Polo with a new hydraulically controlled gearbox with wheel-mounted paddle-shifters. And that’s not all, because VW says nearly three quarters of the Polo R WRC’s components have been checked and optimized for higher performance, in the pursuit of making things “simpler, lighter, and stronger.”

 The most visual change comes courtesy of VW’s new blue and white design, which incorporates the Castrol, Red Bull, and Volkswagen Financial partnerships.