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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Polaris Slingshot Gets a “Stop Sale, Stop Riding” Recall



Owners of the Polaris Slingshot recently received the unhappy news that their vehicles are under a recall and shouldn’t be driven. Dealers are also under orders not to deliver any additional vehicles until repairs have been made so that the cars are safe to drive.

The first problem involves defective ball bearings. Several bearings in the steering rack could break down causing a loss of steering control. Not being able to steer your car means there’s a good chance you could have an accident, so this problem is a very serious one that needs to be addressed before existing Slingshots are driven.


The second issue has to do with the roll bars located behind the seats. The idea is that if the car is in an accident, then the roll bars will keep the heads of the driver and passenger from hitting the road. Polaris has been notified by the manufacturer that the roll bars don’t actually meet Polaris safety standards.

Owners of affected vehicles will be able to take them into the dealer beginning on January 22nd. Dealers will be able to install new parts to make the Polaris Slinghsot once again roadworthy.