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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jaguar, Please Build This Insanely Gorgeous Le Mans Racer


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Jaguar LeMans Concept rendering

It seems like Jaguar, as of late, has been “nostalgia-ing” pretty hard on its racing history. A prime example of that would be the wonderful Project 7 we saw last year. But what if Jag really wanted to push the racing envelope? Maybe make a return to Le Mans? This is how they should do it.

It’s called the Jaguar XJR-19, and it’s the prettiest endurance car you’re ever going to see. It’s only a rendering, sadly, but artist Mark Hostler, who created the project, truly believes that this is the car that will put Jaguar back in the winner’s circle.

Jaguar XJR-19 Concept sideview photo

According to Goodwood Road and Racing, like many of its endurance counterparts, the XJR-19 features a closed cockpit and an extreme aerodynamic design.

 Under the hood is a hypothetical 2.7-liter diesel V8 with both an exhaust-driven turbo, and an engine-driven supercharger.

To go with that twin-charged diesel V8, the concept would adopt a KERS hybrid system and regenerative braking.

Jaguar XJR-19 Concept photo rendering

It all sounds like something everyone wants to see. Are you listening Jaguar? Good.