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Monday, January 19, 2015

This is the Acura NSX Type R the World Needs


Acura NSX Type R

Holy moly — just when you thought the new Acura NSX couldn’t get any prettier, someone up and did exactly that. This is what an Acura NSX Type R would look like if it happens. And if we’re to believe a few early rumors, it actually might.

The rendering here was done by X-Tomi Design, and it’s a lower, sleeker version of the NSX we recently saw in Detroit. It even sports some new wheels, a sharper front end, and a handsome blue paint job.

Acura NSX Type R copy

According to Acura, an NSX Type R could happen in two or three years, but we’ll have no idea how much power it will have, or what it will actually look like until then. For now, the standard 550-horsepower NSX will have to do. Not that we’re complaining.