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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hennessey Aims at Hellcat with 717HP Mustang


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hennessey ford mustang hpe700 photo

Hellcat, beware. The folks at Hennessey Performance have been cooking up a recipe to put the 2015 Mustang firmly on top of the Challenger Hellcat/Corvette Z06 horsepower war. Well, consider an early victory to the Mustang. 

The Texas tuners strapped the Mustang’s Coyote V8 with a thonkin’ big 2.9-liter supercharger, ratcheting a whopping 717 ponies and 632 lb-ft of torque at the crank.

The sprint to 60 mph takes a swift 3.6 seconds, and before long you’ll be through the quarter mile in 11.2 seconds at 131 mph. That’s some serious get-up-’n-go.

As you can see in the video, the real world results pull those numbers down a bit, though it’s still a very heady 663 horsepower and 524 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels. And for the price … it sounds like a good value for the money.

 Hennessey will equip 500 2015 Ford Mustangs with the HPE700 package at a cost of around $59,500, which includes the price of a base Mustang GT.

That’s quite a bit less than the 2015 Z06, priced at $78,995, and conspicuously $495 less than the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat. We’ll pose the question: which one would you have?