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Friday, January 30, 2015

This Nissan Juke Could Hurdle Any Blizzard


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Juke Treads

When dealing with snow — as most of us from the Midwest to Northeast do each year — it’s safe to say that having the right vehicle for said conditions is hugely important. For most of us, that means having some form of AWD at our disposal. However, some people have taken that need for AWD vehicle to the extreme.

Ken Block is as master of the snow with his outrageous Ford RaptorTRAX, but don’t count out Nissan with their quirky little Juke. Rather than fitting it with some snow tires and all-wheel drive, they went the Ken Block route with treads all the way around. You know, because blizzard. They even had some fun with it on Twitter:

If we’re being honest, a good set of snow tires and all-wheel drive should do the trick for you drivers this winter. But seriously, how badass would you like driving down the streets in one these?