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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This McLaren 650S is Wearing Some Interesting Camo


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With Ferrari amidst a few mix ups over the past few years, McLaren has made a name for itself opposite the Italian marque with cars like the 650S, to rival the 458, and the ludicrous P1, to rival the LaFerrari. Where the Italians take more pride in passion and design, McLaren perfects its image through engineering and technology.

With a genius team of engineers, the end goal is always to push the limit on all its vehicles. Case in point, the McLaren 650S you see before you. It’s not standard 650S, mind you, it’s what McLaren is calling the most hardcore 650S ever built. I like the sound of that.


The photos here are the first few teaser shots we get to see of this hardcore 650S. As you can see— or rather can’t, the mule in the photos is covered rather heavily with camo and cladding in order to not give away key details.

 However, we may be able to infer some information based on the camo wrap itself, which is comprised of the original drawings of the McLaren F1 GTR “Longtail.”

Is this a clue to how the finished product will look? Or will it just adopt some of the same attributes that made the classic F1 just that good?

 All we have right now is speculation, but thankfully all will be revealed soon when the finished car debuts next to the P1 GTR at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.