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Friday, January 23, 2015

Liberty Walk Widebody Dodge Challenger Is Pure Muscle


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Liberty Walk Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is already an impressive piece of muscle the second it rolls off the line. In the hands of the guys at Liberty Walk, though, this one has become a real jaw dropper. This car just made its debut at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon and it is about as muscle as muscle can possibly get.

Liberty Walk has done quite a few widebody kits for supercars, but this Dodge Challenger isn’t a supercar. What it got is perfectly befitting of its American muscle heritage: flared fenders and exposed bolts apertures combined with a lower stance that makes it hug the road.

Liberty Walk Challenger 2

There are also new wheels and bold, wider tires, as well as spoilers and plenty of additional functional body work that are all part of a full aerodynamic kit. They’ve also modified the suspension so this thing is ready to take on all corners.

Exact details on what they’ve done to this Dodge Challenger as far as power upgrades and specifications have not been released, but you can bet that when that info comes out it’ll have you wanting to park one of these in your driveway.