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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cadillac Contemplating Hybrid All-Wheel Drive


Cadillac CTS-V photo
 In the coming decades, hybrid drivetrains will become increasingly common, and most likely, widely accepted by the general buying public.

 Those first few tries with the Prius has led to much further strides into the hybridization of automobiles. Even the latest crop of hypercars use some form of hybridization.

That said, it’s becoming increasingly popular for luxury auto marquees to offer some form of hybrid drivetrain as well.

 Mercedes now offers its own plug-in-hybrids, as well as the likes of Porsche, Audi, and BMW. But don’t forget about Cadillac.

CTS-V rear angle photo
Speaking with Edmunds, Cadillac Chief Johan de Nysschen suggested that while hybrid system will not be retrofitted to current cars — those including the new CTS and ATS — future models will definitely be designed for the potential use of hybrid all-wheel drive layouts.
While this isn’t a full confirmation that Cadillac will be bringing hybrid technology to the brand (besides the ELR), anytime soon, it does show that GM is truly looking towards the future.

 And in that future, hybrids are definitely going to be more relevant. These new statements, though, have sparked wild rumors of GM possibly building hybrid all-wheel versions of the ATS (plausible), Camaro (unlikely), and Corvette (you’re out of your mind). We’ll have to wait and see.