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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Shelby GT350R, Ford Focus RS Might Look This Good


2016 Ford Shelby GTR 350 photo

This year’s North American International Auto Show is kicking off on Monday, and we can already safely say that it will be all about Ford. Not only are there rumors that Ford’s debuting a new GT40, but also a new Raptor, a Shelby GT350R, and the all-new for America Focus RS.

Here’s the thing, though. Ford has kept a pretty tight seal on everything it’s been cooking up. Meaning, right now we don’t have a clue what the new Raptor or Ford GT40 will really look like.

That, however, is a little different between both the Focus RS and GT350R. Since each has production models already associated with them, we’re able to make some inferences on each.

Ford Focus RS rendering

Thanks to our friends at TopSpeed, these renders give us a good idea at just how the GT350R and Focus RS will most likely look. At least, we hope they look this good.

As you can see, each is much more muscular than its regular predecessors. The cars get more cooling, more angular curves, and much larger intakes.

 It’s also likely that the GT350R will also come with carbon ceramic brakes since we saw the Nurburgring mule sporting a pair of them. If either car looks half as good as these renders, then they will be absolutely stunning.

We’ll be live at the show in just a few days checking out all of Ford’s offerings, so stay tuned!