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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Meet the insane Ariel Nomad, the ultimate off-road buggy


By @ Motoramic   


Ariel Nomad
To the average human, the Ariel Atom is not known for its radical looks, its unbelievable speed, its beautiful simplicity, or its relative affordability. No. It's known for ruining Jeremy Clarkson's face.But there's now a new Ariel on the market, one that can equally ruin the Top Gear host's face and get it muddy at the same time: Say hello to the Ariel Nomad.

With a weight of just 1,477 lbs., and featuring a 235 hp 2.4-liter Honda iVTEC engine, the Nomad is, like the Atom, properly fast. Only it now goes off-road.

 The buggy's top speed of 125 mph could, theoretically, be achieved on a gravel road, and the 3.4 second sprint to 60 mph accomplished on grass, if one could figure out a way to get traction to those knobbly tires.

Along with a close ratio six-speed manual gearbox, the Nomad, which should retail in the UK for around £30,000 ($45,000), is more than just an off-road buggy.

Ariel says it'll still perform like a champ on the street, or basically any environment you can imagine. But if you watch the video above, it's pretty clear where this machine excels: on gravel.

If the Ariel Atom was every gearhead's dream, then the Ariel Nomad is an even damper one. It appears to be the essence of what spirited driving is all about, and given the Nomad arrives in either left- or right-hand drive, one should assume it will eventually arrive stateside.

It might not be great at hauling groceries or children, but if it does hop over the pond, it may be the most fun toy money can buy.