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Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Man Cave of Your Gearhead Dreams



Man Cave 2

This incredible collection of cars and assorted cool stuff is hidden away in an unassuming building behind a vintage gas station. You’d have no idea there’s anything interesting inside, especially since it’s a private collection, but if you can find your way in you’ll be amazed.

The man who owns it all calls himself Spiderman, and the guys at Motorpunk convinced him to let them in to take a look and snap some pictures. It all starts with a model of Lara Croft guarding the entrance.

Man Cave

That leads the way to all sorts of odd and interesting things. There are boxes of stuff everywhere and one wall is covered with vintage refrigerators. Surfboards, vintage gas station signs and pumps fill the space.

Then there are the cars, like a white Mercedes 190 SL Roadster which is one of the few vehicles in the garage that is registered .

You’ll also find a 1953 Cadillac Fleetwood, a Chevrolet hearse with dismembered rubber limbs on the dash for full effect, and a Mercedes 600 Pullman once owned by the Shah of Iran.

There’s enough here to keep you wandering for hours and still not see it all.

Man Cave 3