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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mercedes GLE Gets an Epic Jurassic World Makeover


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Jurassic World Mercedes GLE photo

If you’re as much of a Jurassic Park nerd as I am, you should be pretty excited about the new Jurassic World film, coming this June. As with any previous Jurassic Park, there’s bound to be some pretty sweet cars. And even a Triumph.

We’ve already seen shots of the Mercedes 6×6 being delivered to the set, as with the new GLE. But what are they going to look like when they actually hit the screen? CarWow mocked up a Mercedes-Benz GLE in the iconic Jurassic Park livery to give us a better idea.

Jurassic World Mercedes-Benz GLE photo

In short: it looks absolutely epic. It dons everything you would expect of a dino-safe machine including an exoskeleton over the windows and windscreen, off-road tires, and even a harpoon gun on the roof, because you never know.
As much as we knock the GLE, here’s to hoping it actually looks this awesome in the film.