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Thursday, January 22, 2015

6-Year-Old Petitions For Return of the Chevy El Camino


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El Camino
Some kids write letters to Santa, others to the Tooth Fairy, but one boy wrote a letter and created an online petition to get GM CEO Mary Barra building the Chevrolet El Camino again. He’s only 6-years-old, believe it or not, but Rafael Barkan really likes cars and the El Camino is one of his all-time favorites.

Rafael, like many little kids and more than a few adults, has a collection of Hot Wheels. That’s how he started getting into cars in the first place. He was given several Mustang Hot Wheels by a local man they passed on their daily route, and the collection has continued to grow.

El Camino 2
But his Chevrolet El Camino obsession started with a trip to Chevy Day at the Autry Museum’s Route 66 exhibit over the summer. Rafael’s Dad, Steve, told BestRide that the car appealed to his son because it’s a car and a truck in one.

Every time they saw one on the road, Raphael noticed, and he eventually asked his Dad why they don’t make the car anymore. His Dad surmised that people weren’t buying them, so Rafael decided to start an iPetition to prove to Barra that if she builds them, they will sell.

 She can be assured they’ll sell at least one since Rafael’s Dad promised he would buy one for his son if they do go back into production.

So what do you say, Mary Barra, you won’t let him (or us) down, will you?