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Monday, January 19, 2015

Will BMW Make an AWD M Car?


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bmw m5 competition package photo

It seems that for the last decade, BMW has slowly begun to lose sight of its own motto “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” The cars have gotten heavier, bigger, and the company has made an endless stream of niche cars that don’t seem to fill any real niches.

Now, BMW has announced the next M5 and M6 will likely be the first M Series cars ever to get AWD. Of course there have been a few M Sport badged SUVs with AWD, but the true M cars have always been RWD.

bmw m5 AWD photo

Speaking to AutoCar, Frank van Meel, head of BMW’s M division, said that while the “philosophy will remain rear-wheel drive, as we increase the power and torque, then the M5 and M6 will have large outputs, so we’ll look at those (AWD) solutions.”

Well, it’s not a full confirmation that the M5 and M6 will receive AWD system in the future. The fact that BMW’s main rival, Mercedes, recently adopted AWD for its performance AMG division might signal a more concerned look into developing an AWD system for the M cars.

bmw m5 competition package AWD photo

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