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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Snow Crawler Concept Could Be the Ultimate Winter Ride


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Snowmobiles are fun, aren’t they? Problem is, I hate winter and am a complete wuss when it comes to anything involving cold weather or snow. This Snow Crawler concept, then, solves that dilemma simply but brilliantly, marrying the capability and driving experience of a snowmobile with the protection of a closed automobile.

Michael Bonikowski realized that, despite the variety of snowmobiles on the market, they are pretty much all open like a motorcycle or quad-bike. This enclosed machine provides protection from the elements with the added benefit of allowing for pretty fantastic-looking bodywork. The closed versions of cars are usually more elegant than the open ones. It looks like the same is true for snowmobiles.


The design is intended to have electric power (not common for snowmobiles) and the cockpit only has room for one person, the driver. Since it’s just a design concept at this point, there’s no telling if the Snow Crawler or anything like it will ever be built. There’s no doubt that it’s an appealing idea, though, and there are plenty people like me who are too warm-blooded for a real snowmobile. Plus, these things would get very popular if we suddenly found ourselves in another ice age.