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Friday, February 27, 2015

5 Best Cars for Catching Llamas


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Rally Fighter Llama

That’s it, Phoenix, your nightmare is over. Following in the wake of #Llamapocalypse2015, police and one very brave guy with a rope caught and detained two wild llamas roaming the streets. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

But they should have been more prepared if you ask me. With these five modes of transportation, Phoenix police and guys with rope everywhere would have had an easier time of wrangling these two rascals.

Subaru Brat

Subaru BRAT

Off road compatibility, nimble, and able to fit at least one and a half llamas in the back. Where is the guy with the Subaru Brat when you need him?

Local Motors Rally Fighter

local-motors-rally-fighter (1)

The llama did manage to get themselves into some rough desert terrain (and golf courses). Thankfully, the Local Motors Rally Fighter can conquer anything any llama throws at it. Plus, they’re right down the street. Someone should have called them.

Ford Mustang Convertible


Just like they did in the old west, hop in your Mustang GT and wrangle you up some llamas. They had llamas in the old west, right?

Land Rover Defender


These things were built for the wilderness, not even two llamas can escape the mighty Land Rover Defender.

Another Llama

Llama brown

Llamas are social creatures, thus, riding another llama into battle to capture two rogues would likely be the ideal solution. C’mon, Phoenix, get it together next time.