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Sunday, February 15, 2015

This Lime Green BMW i8 Is…Different


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BMW-i8-Lime-Green Full

The BMW i8 is a great-looking car, and its unique design will make it stand out from other cars no matter the color. This particular one is a very bright lime green which, by rights, shouldn’t even exist.

BMW is offering the i8 only in a small number of not very exciting colors. You can choose from silver, white pearl, dark grey or baby blue, which they call Protonic because that just sounds cooler. There are also a variety of blue and grey accents, but lime green is not on that list. Still, this car was spotted sitting on the floor at a dealership in Abu Dhabi.

BMW i8 Lime Green

You can see the blue accents around the green in these pictures from Carscoops, but it’s hard to see if this green is a paint job offered as some special custom program by BMW or if it is actually a wrap applied to who knows what color car. Seeing as it’s in Abu Dhabi, perhaps they thought that just being a super cool BMW i8 wasn’t enough to make it stand out from all the supercars on the road.


Whether it’s paint or a wrap, it was very well done. It not only covers the outside perfectly, leaving just those blue accents, but works right on in to things like the door surrounds to make the effect complete.