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Monday, February 9, 2015

Would You Pay $1.5 Million for This Ford Escape?


Diamond Ford Kuga Escape photo

If you have any common sense, that may sound like the dumbest question in the universe. Of course you wouldn’t pay £1 million (approx. $1.5 million) for a lowly Ford Escape. That is, unless it were covered head to tire in diamonds. At least that’s what one dealership thinks.

According to AM Online, Jennings Ford in the UK is offering some poor schmuck the opportunity to buy said Ford Escape— or rather, Kuga in the European market — for about the same price as a Bugatti. As mentioned, the SUV is covered from top to bottom in a mix of diamonds and Swarovski crystals. They say that you’ll “Get your picture in the Daily Mail (probably)”.

Diamond Ford Escape Kuga rear photo

Don’t worry, though, if you can’t pay the million up front, they are giving you the option to pay it off at only £22,000 per month. Sounds like the deal of the century! (sarcasm)