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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cop Morphs Into Fanboy After Spotting 2015 Mustang Doing Burnout


2015 Mustang Burnout photo

Muscle car owners aren’t typically best friends with police officers. Muscle usually means loud, fast, and best of all — burnouts. So when a cop sees a brand new 2015 Ford Mustang GT in a heap of smoke on a public road, the expected result would be some sort of citation. For one driver, though, this wasn’t the case.

Reddit user proROKexpat tells a tale of a cop who was so enamored that he immediately turned into a 10-year-old, drooling over the car, wanting to sit in it, and asking all sorts of questions. The driver was rightfully shocked, even though the burnout was thoughtfully done in a vacant part of town. The police even gave the tip, “Next time make sure no cops are around when you do burnouts.” How awesome is that?
Here’s the full story:
So I just got a 2015 Mustang GT in and I decided to take it out for a little spin and a small burnout.
So I took it a empty part of town with what I assumed was no one around. I then proceeded to a very light burnout and took off like a bat out of fucking hell. I’m looking in the mirror admiring the smoke when a cop pulls out behind me I figure I’m screwed and slam on my brakes and pull to the side. Cop gets out and is so in love with the car, he’s considering buying one himself. He asks me to get out so he can sit in and admire it and play with some of the buttons and he asked me some questions, etc I answered them and then he said
“Next time make sure no cops are around when you do burn outs” and I said “Thank you officer” and he said “Awesome car, going t0 get one myself!”

GIF Credit: The Driver