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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mercedes Unleashes V8-Powered AMG GT3


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Racecars don’t win championships based on intimidation factor or ‘coolness’. They earn the top spot through clever engineering, precise power application, and the dark art of aerodynamics. But mix technical ability with striking visuals and, well, you’re on track for success, pun intended.
This is the all-new 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT3, and if you’re awaiting a new Mercedes racer for next year’s FIA GT3 racing season… this is it. The heady coupe picks up the reigns where the outgoing SLS AMG GT3 leaves off, though carries over one important bit from the old car. The engine.


Peel back the layers of the GT3′s all-new bodywork (based on the standard AMG GT roadcar), and you find Mercedes’ sonorous 6.3-liter V8. The firm has so far been mum on its power output, but figures just north of 500 horsepower sound adequate. The naturally aspirated V8 funnels its power to a six-speed sequential transaxle, helping the GT3 achieve optimal power application and weight distribution.

Zoom out further however and you’ll quickly realize this is not merely an SLS with a new skin, though its matte grey complexion is quite enthralling. The AMG GT3 features the GT’s body, which has been nipped, tucked, and pulled wider to manipulate .

aerodynamics in the best way possible. As with any new-age racer, there’s plenty of carbon fiber too – found in the hood, the wing, the front and rear apron, the side skirts, and diffusers. Underneath, the GT3 totes a lightweight aluminum spaceframe backbone, along with many aluminum suspension components.


While it surely looks up to the job, the new AMG GT3 has quite the reputation to live up to. The SLS GT3 has notched nearly 200 overall racing victories since it hit the track in 2010, with an impressive 34 in 2014 alone. Need to see more? The AMG GT3 will debut in full next week at the Geneva Motor Show.