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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Watch a Kid do Donuts in his Power Wheels Corvette C7



corvette kid power wheels photo

Many kids dream of driving high powered sports cars at an early age. This little youngster just happens to actually be doing it. After watching some of the drag races at the Texas Invitational, the guys from 1320video came across this four-year-old who is the proud owner of a very special Power Wheels Corvette.

While his nursery school pals are puttering around in their down-powered toy cars, this little tike’s father rewired his Power Wheels C7 and cranked it up to produce 24 volts. Complete with new electric motors in the rear and steel gears, the mini C7 produces double what you’d normally get off the shelf. Expectedly, it spins up the tires pretty well – just like the real thing. Take a look.

We wish we had this kind of power when we were four. The youngster in the C7 rips around a section of the runway, even outpacing his father who is jogging to keep up. The standard Power Wheels Corvette will scoot around at 6 mph. We’re going to go ahead and say this one has already broken that barrier handily.