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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Even the Amish Like Doing Donuts!


amish donuts horse buggy photo

The skies open up, it starts to snow, and conventional thinking for the automotive enthusiast suggests it’s time to find an empty parking lot and do some donuts. But the wintertime proclivities of the car fan apparently aren’t exclusive to … well … car fans. Though it’s hard to believe, the technology-shunning Amish love themselves a good donut too.
Inherently, their donuts are a bit more low tech. This Amish buggy driver high-tailed it to an empty parking lot, gave his one horsepower pony some giddy-up, and proceeded to hoon the buggy around like a champ. YouTuber Shayla Buhl was lucky enough to catch it on video.

It might just be the best thing ever filmed in vertical format. Ken Block, if you’re watching, we hope to see some Amish drifting in Gymkhana 8. Need to see more Amish donuts in person? We suggest heading to Polk, Ohio.