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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Porsche Might Build an Even Faster 918



Porsche has been quite busy as of late. The firm is cranking out cars to meet soaring sales and recently debuted a new model in the form of the Cayman GT4. But it appears that may just be the tip of a new product iceberg floating in from Stuttgart.

Porsche is expected to introduce a new top-of-the-pile 911 GT3 RS at the upcoming 2015 Geneva Motor Show, and the UK’s Autocar suggests the Germans also have an all-new supercar and a 918 successor scheduled in the product pipeline soon. While we’ll believe it when we see it, the breadth of the report hints to its possibility.


According to the publication, the future Porsche supercar is designed to compete against the likes of the new Ferrari 488 GTB, and as such will receive a newly designed V8 engine, which it will share with the next-gen Panamera. Turbocharging will likely feature on this new model, expected before the end of the decade, but don’t expect hybrid power.

 That’s because Porsche R&D boss Wolfgang Hatz told the magazine that a successor to the wildly popular 918 hybrid hypercar is in the product plan for the future.

The most imminent of the new products is of course the GT3 RS, which like the rest of the RS lineage will shave weight and add power. The report suggests Nurburgring lap times in the 7 minute 20 second region look plausible, which puts it in the running with the hardcore twin-turbo GT2 RS from 2011.


At the back of the GT3 RS, Porsche will allegedly debut a new flat-six engine, and though this one won’t be turbocharged, it will find a home underneath much of the 911 range (in turbocharged form) in the coming model years.

 The frequently talked about four-cylinder engine also exists, a version of the new flat-six, and it will slot into the Boxster and Cayman.