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Friday, February 20, 2015

This Jeep Shed Its Ice Blanket Like a Cicada Sheds Its Shell


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Shedding ice, mud, and salt layers: It’s a Jeep thing. This wild photo of a left-behind ice shell was posted by Reddit user Kevlar Yarmulke with no other details, but it’s obvious that there was a Jeep Cherokee previously sitting in this spot after it was given a nice ice bath (not the good kind).

So who’s going to make an art installation entirely comprised of “sculptures” like this? Imagine an icy Ferrari, an icy Morgan, or an icy Spyker. People would pay to see that. This gives an entirely new meaning to iced-out grillz.

[UPDATE: The photos were originally sent to in Greenville, North Carolina. The photo was taken outside of Vidant Medical Center.]


Photo Credits: Kevlar Yarmulke / Reddit, WITN