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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This Track Car Concept Will Leave You Drooling


Mammoth track car concept photo

Track cars are unique vehicles and should be treated as such. It’s not like you can drive around an Ariel Atom or KTM X-Box every day and not look like an insane person. Adding to the creativity of the modern day track car is graphic artist Gabriel Hantig, with a new design that will leave you breathless.

It’s call the Mammoth P-71. While Gabriel admits that it’s still a “work in progress,” his general layout is a very attractive thing to look at. The front end is aggressive as heck, the body lines are crisp, and the exposed suspension bits just add to the overall drama of it.

Mammoth P-71 concept photo

In the back, the aggressiveness continues with a sharp rear diffuser, dual exhaust, and what looks like some Miata-inspired taillights (though designs vary considering it is a work in progress).
I think it looks awesome— now we just need to shove a V8 under the hood and find someone to build it. Any takers?