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Monday, February 16, 2015

If the Ford Fiesta RS Happens, it Could Look Like This



Hot hatchback enthusiasts can continue to rejoice, especially those fans of the Blue Oval. The hallowed Ford Focus RS is finally coming to America and new reports suggest that a hotted-up Fiesta RS could be joining it in the not-so-distant future. This is good news indeed. 
But just what does a new-age Ford Fiesta RS look like? Well, the rendermeisters over at X-Tomi Design came up with an answer, and we think it looks quite brilliant. What do you think Internet, does this hardcore Fiesta RS leave you feeling hot-hot-hot?


In terms of styling, much of the current generation Fiesta ST carries forward, with this render spawning from the euro-market three-door ST setup. At the front, the bumper and diffuser have been retooled to resemble those of its Focus RS big brother, while at the back, the rear diffuser and spoiler get a similar treatment. Aggressive, stout, and shouty – it pushes all the right buttons a hot hatch should.

If the latest reports ring true, something along these lines might actually happen. The current top-of-the-pile Fiesta ST generates 197 horsepower and sends it all to the front wheels. An RS version, in the same vein as the new Focus, would likely don all-wheel-drive and a significant boost in power. How much? 250 ponies stuffed underneath this little brute sounds adequate.