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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Artega Comes Back From the Grave with Two Electric Cars


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Car companies tend to come and go, but when German firm Artega disappeared in 2012, it stung a bit more than most. The boutique sports car group was responsible for the little known yet superbly styled Artega GT—a 300 horsepower, V6 sports coupe. 
Happily, that departure wasn’t meant to be and Artega has made a triumphant return. The reborn company is showcasing its latest developments—two electric cars—at this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show and the “GT” is one of them…sort of.

Meet the 2016 Artega Scalo, a direct successor to the GT which shares its body but replaces its fuel-sipping V6 for a pair of torquey electric motors. The end result is 402 horsepower, 575 lb-ft of torque, and zero to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds for this svelte electric car. Quite the revival.


Named after a successful German race horse, the Scalo not only trounces the GT’s off-the-line performance, it gallops all over it. Its dual Voltabox electric motors are mounted in the rear, and vector torque to both wheels through a single speed fixed gear.

 A large lithium-ion battery pack ensures a driving distance of up to 250 miles on a charge, and a quick charge feature can rapidly juice-up the EV’s battery in under an hour.

Visually not much has changed from the GT to its electric car brethren, however the Artega Scalo does integrate a revised front fascia, an electrically adjustable rear spoiler, and chompy Brembo brakes housed within bespoke center-locking 20-inch wheels. So far cost has not been listed, though Artega says it will only build 12 of these punchy electric cars.


The Scalo wasn’t the only new bird to make an appearance either. This stunning quad-bike is the Artega Karo concept, a recreational “fun mobile” designed to integrate the pleasures of ATVs, jet skis, and scooters.

 It features a lightweight fiberglass-reinforced-plastic body and rather interestingly, it totes Artega says zero to 50 mph takes just five seconds in its fastest configuration, spurred on by a 51-horsepower electric motor at the rear wheels.

 A lithium ion battery pack also finds a home within the Karo, which offers up 50 total miles of driving range. Artega maintains the Karo is still essentially just a concept, though the company says it could push it into production soon. Any takers?