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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bugatti’s Vision GT Concept Sounds Like Dsytopian Hellfire



Last week at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Bugatti unveiled the company’s Vision GT Concept to a stunned crowd. But as far as we knew, it was a digital concept, and was strictly designed for the PlayStation game, Gran Turismo 6.

However, it seems that the Bugatti engineers weren’t happy with just building a digital car that would never have its engine started or be driven in anger. So when the Frankfurt show arrived, Bugatti came equipped with the real thing. It could be the best sounding Bugatti engine ever built. (ed. note–There are some vintage Type 35 B owners who may politely disagree)


The supposed show car was caught leaving the convention hall under its own power by ProDriver CZ. Just listen to that almighty engine growl, it sounds like something is rising up from the planet’s core.

Again, Bugatti states that this Vision GT Concept is just something built for a video game, although we’re not too sure about that. Comparing the leaked images of the upcoming Chiron, and this Vision GT Concept, the two cars appear to have almost identical bodies.

While that’s not completely a smoking gun, it does give one pause. We have just a few more months until Bugatti unveils the Chiron, and to see if we were right about the two sharing a similar body.