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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Mid-Engine 1967 Ford Mustang Mach 2 Concept We Almost Had


1967 Ford Mustang Mach 2 Concept

There are dozens of cars that make it to the concept stage, but never see production. Sometimes what seems like a good idea on the drawing board, and on a spinning stage at an auto show, isn’t the right car to bring to market. The car gets axed and fades into automotive history. This was the fate of the mid-engine 1967 Ford Mustang Mach 2 Concept.

The car debuted at the 1967 Chicago Auto Show with a lot of Mustang bits like the front suspension, brakes, and 289 cu. in. V8 engine, but that engine was relocated behind the driver. Ford design chief Gene Bordinat and the Special Vehicles Group decided this rearrangement was a good idea.

1967 Ford Mustang Mach 2 Concept Rear

It was thought that this might be a good layout for a successor to the Shelby Cobra. The Mach 2 Concept kept the long hood and proportions of the Mustang despite the engine relocation.

 It wasn’t a completely far-fetched idea with General Motors trying a mid-engine Corvette at the same time. One might even call this trendy.

Trendy or not, the Mustang Mach 2 Concept never made it into production. It toured the auto show circuit, but was shelved and never heard from again.

 That was nearly 50 years ago, but who knows, maybe Ford will have a change of heart and a mid-engine Mustang will make it past the auto show floor one day.

1967 Ford Mustang Mach 2 Concept Profile