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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Imagine A World Where Tesla Drones Rule the Skies



Drones—so hot right now. Drones. If you don’t have a drone, it almost feels like you’re missing out on the future of remote-controlled flying machines. But that’s besides the point. Not all drones are built the same, and this Tesla drone concept could be a creative addition to segment.
It was created by British designer Fraser Leid. Unlike other drones before it, the Tesla drone would, hypothetically, be one of the most efficient drones on the market with a “10,000 mAh Lithium-Ion (Tesla Powercell) battery, capable of prolonged flight lasting up to an hour on a single charge.”


Typically, the average drone flight time is somewhere between 20-30 minutes, and charging time is over an hour. The Tesla drone would flip that. This rapid charging and battery longevity would stem from a wireless Tesla charging mount dubbed the MagDock. Pictured below, the sophisticated charger would also double as a sleek stand for the drone when not in use.

Alongside an improved flight and charging time, the Tesla drone would also incorporate a new blade design. Shying away from the standard quadcopter layout (one rotor on each corner), the twin-blade setup would act both as a propellor and stabilizer, rotating from vertically to horizontally aligned. This would allow for more control at high speed and better camera ballast.


While it all sounds extremely promising, it is just a concept at the moment. We can only hope Tesla hires this talented designer to lead a project such as this.