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Monday, September 21, 2015

Here’s Why The McLaren F1 is the Automotive Icon It Is


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The McLaren F1 will always be the poster car of many of our youths. Between the breathtaking performance that, even to this day, is still quite brisk, and the amount of engineering and technology that went into the car, it will stay an automotive icon forever.

Within the last few years, the car has skyrocketed in value as well. From its original astronomical price tag of $810,000 in 1994, a McLaren F1—even one that’s been wrecked twice like Rowan Atkinson’s was—is now worth eight figures any day of the week.

McLaren F1 Profile

According to Business Insider, Jay Leno has routinely been offered $11 million for his car, which was the very first in the U.S., and just last month, a McLaren F1 LM sold for $13.75 million in Monterey, California, during Car Week.

However, the car isn’t just about an insane price tag, or the ludicrous speeds which it can achieve, it’s also about all the little technical aspects and racing pedigree that once put McLaren on the map. And that’s part of why we love it.

McLaren F1

To better illustrate the McLaren F1’s nuances, Business Insider designed the graphic above, highlighting the cars details and intricacies that set it apart from other supercars of the same era.

Details like the three-abreast seating arrangement which puts the driver in the center of the cars cockpit, or gold-plated engine compartment. These are the details that add up to a car that captures the imagination of gear heads everywhere. Take a closer look at the infographic, you might just learn something new.