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Friday, September 18, 2015

Watch a Challenger Hellcat Put up a Record Quarter Mile


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It seems we can’t get enough of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The supercharged beast of an American muscle car seems to have been put on this planet to shred up rear tires like a cheese grader. And with this insatiable interest also comes the unavoidable desire to push the envelope of this car. And that is what you have here today.
This is an aftermarket-modified Hellcat, but it is not from a huge firm like Hennessey. Rather it was put together by High Horse Performance.

The list of mods include American Racing headers and exhaust system, AFE Momentum cold air intake, a few other items, but most importantly, a nitrous kit set up for 150-shot. That’s one serious machine, and as you can see, it is one record-breaking machine.

The Hellcat crossed the quarter mile in 9.77s at 135.92 mph. That blasted the quarter mile time of the stock Hellcat, which does a 10.85 at 126.18 mph. That time makes the HHP Challenger the world’s fastest Hellcat. It was not the first to break into the nine-second range. If it had raced two hours earlier it would have been the first, but when you are the fastest, who cares?!


We caught word of this hellacious Hellcat from AutoEvolution, who brings up a good point. The stock Hellcat was doing a good enough job destroying other cars in the quarter mile, so the only thing left to do was beat other Hellcats. With that in mind, expect to see other tuning shops try and take a run at this world record run.