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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Check Out These Insane Bosozoku Versions of Classic Cars



We cover a lot of interesting groups of car enthusiasts, but few are as equal parts strange and passionate as the folks who celebrate Bos0zoku. Originating in Japan, the term literally means “out of control,” and one look will explain why.
 Though it originated in motorcycles, the trend has spread to cars as well. Bosozoku cars are typically Japanese compact cars and vans, so when you see this style on a classic car, it makes quite a statement.


Created by Khyzyl Saleem, one of the concept artists that works for EA Games, he seemingly asked a question no one thought to ask.
What would classic, iconic cars look like if Rocket Bunny, Liberty Walk, and Mad Max got together to redesign them? In short, freaking awesome.


From the original RX-7, Toyota AE86, and Chevy Corvette, to a priceless Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, no classic car was spared the outrageous Bosozoku treatment. All of the cars have massive wheel arches, full cages, wings and dive planes galore, and rivets. So many rivets. It should be pointed out that these cars are not pure Bosozoku-styled cars, but rather a sub-genre called “Yanky” (misspelling intentional).

They lack the cartoonishly large exhaust pipes and intakes, and instead have argessively wide fender flares and heavily dished wheels. The BMW M6 below even has elements of the “Stance” movement, as signified by the front wheels with the negative camber.


It’s as if Saleem went into the deepest, darkest parts of our enthusiast minds, and pulled out our most sinister desires.

 The desires we dared never tell anyone, yet still lingered, roaming around in our heads.


Were such modifications ever made to real examples of these cars, the old guard would most certainly cry out sacrilege. However, we’d like to see someone with the chutzpah to actually chop up a Gullwing.

But maybe it takes a classic Japanese car like the stunning Toyota 200oGT (below) to bring the concept full circle. This is a car we’d absolutely love to see come to fruition!