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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ford Will Only Produce 200 GT Supercars Per Year; 100 For the U.S.


Ford GT Supercar 2

When Ford introduced the new GT earlier in the year, we knew it was going to be produced in extremely limited numbers. Even Ford told us that production was going to be in the “hundreds, not thousands”—a significant difference from the 2005 model year. We just didn’t have any idea how limited it was…until now.
According to an unnamed source speaking to Autoweek, Ford will only produce 200 GT supercars for the 2017 model year. The UK is expected to get less than 20, while 80 will likely be scattered around Europe accordingly. Fortunately for the U.S., we’ll get the remaining 100.

Ford GT Supercar

While that U.S. number does make up half of all GT’s produced per year, it’s still an extremely small quantity for such a big market, and such a hotly anticipated vehicle. Anyone looking to purchase the uber-rare supercar will have to go through a lengthy application process, similar to any limited, high-end supercar. They can than choose their Ford dealership of choice to take delivery.

Price for the Ford GT, as far as we know, will be around $400,000, which doesn’t make it cheap either. All things considered—price, exclusivity, and performance—Ford is hyping up the new GT to be the next great American sports car. And a future collector’s item, too.

[UPDATE 09/24]

Ford has re-confirmed to us that they will be building indeed building 250 models per year, not 200 as reported. No exact number for the U.S. was given; distribution details will be divulged by Ford at a later date.