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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hyundai Shocks and Awes With Le Mans-Inspired N 2025 Concept


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The same company that builds the Elantra economy car just built the concept you see here. Let that sink in for a minute. The typically sedated Hyundai has just released a concept in Frankfurt dubbed the N 2025—and it’s an amazing sight.
Like many of the concepts you’ve seen come before it, the N 2025 was created as a literal vision for the new Gran Turismo game. This one has all the right lines and (allegedly) all the right power to put Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz, and all the others to the test in the virtual world.


While powertrain details weren’t exactly divulged, Hyundai does say that it, “highlights sustainable technology.” Meaning it’s probably got some sort of insane, high-power hybrid setup…hypothetically.
But it’s really the looks of this car that should have enthusiasts begging for it to be built. Resembling a futuristic Le Mans racer,

 the N 2025 features a closed cockpit, an extremely streamlined and aerodynamic body, and a handsome racing livery courtesy of Hyundai’s N department.

 Hyundai is going to designate performance variants of its products with the “N” designation going forward, much like BMW M or Mercedes-AMG.


Chances of Hyundai bringing this to Le Mans? Pretty slim by our account. The silver lining is we can at least look forward to a number of N-badged cars from Hyundai in the future. So that should be interesting.