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Friday, September 25, 2015

Ducati-Powered Track Car is Everything You Hoped It Would Be


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Ducati builds amazing bikes. Ariel builds an amazing track car in the Atom. So why has no one had the sense enough to combine the two into one amazing vehicle? Designer Tamas Jakus then, is a visionary—deciding that Ducati and Ariel need to be one.
Following in similar steps to the Honda 2&4 concept we saw only a few weeks back, the Jakusa track car concept combines an extremely light body with a high-revving motorcycle engine. And why not? It looks like an absolute blast to drive.


The design itself is stunning. With exposed suspension components in the rear, it still gives you a visual sense of what you’re driving. In the front, things are much more buttoned up. An aerodynamic design molds seamlessly with the minimalist elements found on the rest of the car.
And three-spoke wheels are a lovely nod to Ducati.
It’s an amazing piece of design—one that we wouldn’t mind seeing on the road. Now if only we can convince Ducati to make it a reality…We can dream.