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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Red Sox Player Spends $45K to Make His BMW i8 Glow


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BMW i8 Glows

Star athletes are known for driving expensive cars. Red Sox player Yoan Moncada is no exception. He signed with the Sox last year in a $31 million deal, so he thought that was enough to have some fun and blow a little cash on a glow-in-the-dark BMW i8.

Moncada took his new BMW i8 down to Alex Vega at The Auto Firm in Miami, Florida. They do all sorts of custom work for some very exclusive clients. Their mission this time was to make Moncada’s car glow.

BMW i8 Glow

Unfortunately you can’t see it actually glowing in these TMZ photos, but you can still get the idea. It has a satin black paint job with dark metallic red accents and those are the bits that glow. The paint isn’t the only custom work that was done to the car.
They took the whole thing apart and replaced the interior with Avorza leather and added Av30 forge wheels to complete the look. It’s a $45K custom job that will have Moncada looking like a proper baseball player when he arrives at spring training.

BMW i8 Glowing