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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Man Buys Pickup for $75, Drives It for 38 Years Plus



38 years with same truck photo

Normally when you buy a pickup you worry about things like depreciation, operating costs, and how long the truck is going to last. Not this guy — he more than got his moneys worth with this one.

Back in 1976 when Bob Sportel was 24 he bought a used, rusting 1957 half-ton Chevy pickup for $75 because he needed a way to get to work. He just retired from his job after 38 years — driving the same truck.

Same truck for 38 years photo

According to KARE-TV in Minnesota, Sportel originally tried to buy the truck for $50. His only “extravagance” as he puts it is four oil changes a year. We’d say he changes them with the seasons but Minnesota only has two: winter and mud.

Sportel has applied several layers of duct tape to the truck’s upholstery. Bondo holds the front lights in place and rust holes provide portholes to the truck’s underside.

 He guesstimates the truck has more than 300,000 miles on it because the odometer hasn’t worked since he bought it. And, in spite of his wife’s pleas, he has no plans to replace it.

Same truck 38 years Shortell

Maybe the best line of the news report? “Soundtrack provided by Chevrolet.” Sportel has no plans to sell the truck. Then again, who would buy it at this point?

Nissan stepped up and fixed an Altima advertised on craigslist. Maybe Chevrolet could do the same thing for Sportel’s truck? We’ll reach out to Chevrolet to see.