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Friday, January 2, 2015

Alfa Romeo 4C Ad is So Cheesy You Have to Love It



Alfa Romeo 4C photo

You ever watch those fancy perfume commercials and think, “What the heck am I looking at?” They’re mostly in black and white, and involve two ridiculously hot people doing nonsensical things. That pretty much sums up this Alfa Romeo 4C commercial.

It shows the car, obviously, but it’s sprinkled with sexy people doing sexy things like standing in the wind, and breathing into each other’s faces. It even compares the woman’s, um, behind to one of the 4C’s seat bolsters. Mmm, sexy.

Alfa 4C photo

In between those weird sexy moments, you do get to watch the 4C blast around some corners, sometimes in slow motion for added effect. All the while the overly dramaitc voiceover guy describes the car as an “Irrational movement of the spirit.” Almost as irrational as this advertisement.

It’s a weird commercial, but now those darn sexy people make me want to go out and buy one. Even if the car has “little logical explanation.” Watch for yourself and enjoy the cheesiness: