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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Watch the World’s Fastest Dodge Charger Hellcat Destroy the Quarter Mile


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With 707-horsepower from the factory, there’s no shortage of quarter mile videos when it comes to the Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcat. The two were built for straight lines. But one (modified) Charger Hellcat just jumped out on top with an impressive quarter mile time.
10.63 seconds at 131.5 mph is the new fastest quarter mile time for a Charger Hellcat. That beats the previous record of 10.67 seconds at 130 mph. Of course, that record was set by the same car and piloted by the same driver. Watch it in action:

The modified Charger in question was built by High Horse Performance and features an OD crank pulley, a Diablo system tune, and pushes out close to 757 horsepower to the wheels.

Consider that on average, about 15 percent of an engine’s power is lost on the way to the wheels, due to parasitic loss. It’s also owned by one Linda, and set both quarter mile records at Cecil County Dragway in Maryland. That is one badass cat.