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Friday, November 6, 2015

Bugatti Chiron Caught Without Camouflage Again in the Wild



According to our inside source at Bugatti, the Chiron has the potential to literally knock the wind out of those inside the hypercar. Though we’ve come to know some details about the upcoming hypercar’s engine and drivetrain, we we’re still in the dark about the Chrion’s exterior styling. That is, until earlier this week.

Bugatti Chiron Mule 3

A few weeks ago, with the debut of the Bugatti Vision GT Concept, we posited that the upcoming Chiron, based on previous spy-shots, would either take inspiration from the fully-functional concept, or that the Chiron’s design would essentially mirror the Vision GT, although toned down. These new spy shots pretty much confirm our earlier speculation.

Taken by Erico Hessel, and Magazin ProDriver CZ, a Chiron mule was caught out in the wild without any camouflage whatsoever. As you can see, the Chiron mule shares the same scalloped entryway as the Vision GT Concept, as well as a very similar rear fascia. In total, this supposed Chiron mule looks heavily influenced by the Vision GT Concept, minus the massive front race splitter and rear wing.

Bugatti Chiron Mule 2

The Bugatti Chiron is set to debut sometime within the next few months, and will likely have a price tag exceeding $2.2 million.  Rumor has it that after Bugatti showed prospective customers the new hypercar’s design a few weeks ago, the company has already begun accepting deposits.