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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Patriotic Pony: Color-Changing Ford Mustang Shows Its True Colors


Color Changing Mustang Hood

At first glance, this Ford Mustang might not catch your attention with its matte black finish, but throw a little warm water on the hood and it reveals its true colors. This Ford hides a red, white, and blue tribute that makes it a very American muscle car.

It’s called the Hidalgo and it was designed by artist Rene Turrek. He’s done several color-changing cars including an Iron Man Aventador and Captain America Gallardo. This time he’s ditched the supercars in favor of a little muscle.

Color Changing Mustang

According to Dupont Registry, It took Turrek two weeks to paint his car. It combines a faded American flag with stars and stripes emblazoned across the hood and the Ford Mustang running horse emblem outlined on the car’s passenger side.

Turrek picked the name Hidalgo as a tribute to the 2004 film starring Viggo Mortensen. In the movie, American Frank T. Hopkins rides his mustang, Hidalgo, to finish first place in the 3,000-mile Arabian horse race of 1890. It took him 68 days to complete the race and of the 100 horses entered, only three technically finished. It’s the perfect Mustang tribute.

On this Veterans Day, this Patriotic Pony Car has us thinking less about horses, and more about those who have served and those who continue to serve so valiantly in our armed services.

Color Changing Mustang Side