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Monday, November 9, 2015

Mk 7 Volkswagen Golf Gets “Rocket Bunny” Tuner Treatment


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If you attended SEMA this year, wide-body kits absolutely dominated the convention’s floor space and appear to have become the new norm among tuner cars. The trend may have had its origins in international racing throughout the years, but it found a home in road cars in Japan, and has quickly taken over the North American tuner scene.

Countless cars built by RWB, Liberty Walk, and plenty of examples of the Rocket Bunny Scion FR-S littered the show with their burgeoning fender flares and super low stances. These kits are able to make both commonplace and exotic cars look like purpose built racecars for the street, and adding to the trend is this Mk 7 Volkswagen Golf with a custom designed Rocket Bunny kit.

Designed in collaboration between Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny, this Mk 7 Golf goes for broke with one of the most evil looking wide-body kits out there. It takes the Mk 7 Golf to a world it was never meant to inhabit, one of crazy design and outrageous flares. The Mk 7 Golf, and really all Golfs, at their core, are utilitarian cars. Cars designed for practicality rather than evocative design. This Rocket Bunny kit however, makes the Golf a car to be lusted after, and was built for those that want a bit more flash.

According to Carscoops, the Golf’s Rocket Bunny kit was designed to allow for wider tires, increased cooling for the brakes, and to resemble that of a time-attack built racer. Additionally, the interior of the car has a full roll cage that completes the race format. Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny however, didn’t reveal what, if any performance modifications were done to improve the Golf

While only a render at the moment, both Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny have promised that the real car will be built in time to debut at this year’s Essen Motor Show that begins later this month. Both companies additionally haven’t stated whether or not this wide-body kit will make production. However, due to the excitement surrounding the Mk 7 Golf GTi and Golf R, we highly suspect that the companies will decide to bring it to market.