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Friday, November 20, 2015

Chris Pratt’s Volkswagen Beetle Hot Rod is Just More Reason to Love Him


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If you’re putting stock down on celebrity net worth, you might want to cash in all you’ve got on Chris Pratt. The former Parks and Rec goofball has turned himself into a worldwide superstar seemingly overnight. Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, LEGO Movie—almost anything and everything you could imagine has been somehow graced by the acting prowess that is Chris Pratt.
But the reason we love him—aside from his array of movies—is because he is a true car guy at heart, and not just in the movies. Don’t believe us? Maybe his custom-built Volkswagen Beetle will convince you.


According to Jalopnik (by way of FYeahChrisPratt Tumblr), the custom Bug is either a ’60 or ’61 that’s been completely revamped from top to bottom. There’s a hefty enough 2.0-liter engine (2180cc) under the hood that we assume churns out somewhere near 150-160 horsepower. And the whole exterior is just done up beautifully.
It’s lowered, it’s got some shiny new wheels, and the honey mustard yellow paint job is a nice finishing touch. It’s beautiful in its simplicity—and a vehicle we definitely wouldn’t mind having in our own garage.